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Esthetic Lens Magazine is devoted to providing space for creative people working in every media and format – art, music, poetry, literature, criticism, dance, food…

It’s not our intention to provide a heavy curatorial point of view. Once we’ve selected someone for inclusion we (mostly) give them free rein to make their post uniquely theirs.

This magazine started as a side project and is the brainchild of Dave Roth. We are currently growing our team, content, our list of contributors, the overall scope of the publication, all while holding down our day jobs. Our team is made up of artists, educators, designers, photographers, historians, writers, musicians, and all the amazing folks who share their work here.

We are committed to publishing and featuring the voice of the maker and those dedicated to their craft.

The team:
Dave Roth
: Managing Editor & Publisher 
Jordan Schulman
: Associate Editor
Summer Rose Ogden: Social Media Director
David Tobocman: Music writer & cultural historian
Charlie Short: Music writer & podcast host
Mary Livoni: Poetry, photography, and video contributor
Kirstin Osgood: Contributing Editor
Ally Fouts: Communications Coordinator & Production Designer

We’re always looking for more content. We respect your copyright and display it beneath your work. There’s no fee to be featured on Esthetic Lens. Why not send us a note?
General inquiries: hello@estheticlens.com

Music submissions: music@estheticlens.com

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