Three Days With Theatre Y: Photo Essay by Joerg Metzner

Theatre Y - The Emerald Camino Project

Good things happen when you least expect them, and then the trick is to go with the flow and just let it unfold, not knowing where it will lead. Out of the blue, I was presented with the opportunity to cover for the photographer Akinbode Akinbiyi, who was unable to travel from Berlin to Chicago. I was asked to document Theatre Y performing “You Are Here” as part of their Emerald Camino Project. Twelve walking performances along the boulevards that connect the Chicago neighborhood parks.

I spent three days with the ensemble and audience, walking for about six hours each day through Logan Square, Humboldt Park, and North Lawndale in Chicago.

What follows are the images I made while walking alongside the actors and audience, witnessing performances by the ensemble and local artists.

Logan Square

August 21, 2021

Clicking on the images will open them big, for full screen viewing.

Humboldt Park

August 22, 2021

North Lawndale

August 29, 2021

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Haman Cross III as Camino Leader
Arlene Arnone
Sage Behr
Clara Byczkowski
Catrina Evans
Adrian Garcia Jr.
Howard Raik
Erik Roberts
Samantha Sowell
Kris Tori
Juan Vervo
Nadia Pillay
Nick Wenz
Luis Crespo
Renata McAdams
Melanie McNulty

Director: Melissa Lorraine
Assistant Director: Emily Bragg
Choreographer: Heni Varga
Sound Designer: Kimberle Sutton
Set Designer: Henry Wilkinson
Costume Designer: Rebecca Hinstale
Stage Manager: Emily Bragg
Assistant Stage Manager: Kayla Adams
Assistant Stage Manager: Heaven Rice
Originally Conceived by Evan Hill
Featured Voices in Sound Design: Marvin Tate, Dorotya Dobrei, and Konstantine Stafanovic

Joerg Metzner is a photographer and graphic designer living in Evanston.
His website is: