Collages & Words: by Robert C. Peters

Trailer, Man, Woman, Dog with Lines That Distort | ©Robert C. Peters

Esthetic Lens is happy to present a collection of collaged images and words from the Chicago-based artist and Educator Robert C. Peters. His artistic practice over the years is comprised of several different mediums and modes of production. This gallery of work is computer-based and is constructed from fifty-plus years of personal image collection.

Kerection 1 | ©Robert C. Peters

Dale Drawing | ©Robert C. Peters

“Shortly after graduate school, I concluded that I wanted to use my practice to think about the role of social convention in the construction and maintenance of a…reality.”

New Haven Connecticut V | ©Robert C. Peters

Parallel To…CEOs, Etc | Robert C. Peters

“My subsequent installation and performance work was often in collaboration with non-artists: historians, decorators, anthropologists, economists, magicians, critics, architects, etc”

Gymnastic Rectangle | ©Robert C. Peters

Bird Singing Contest CEO Nudists | ©Robert C. Peters

“For me, the logic of collaboration is twofold: first, the greater the diversity of input, the broader the possible scope of the resultant work; and second, the weaker the ties to the conventions of art, the greater the possibility of closing the gap between “art” and “life.”  That practice included installation, public interventions, and performance.”

No Man, Woman, Trophy, Trailer | ©Robert C. Peters

Fellatio Trailer, Handstand A | ©Robert C. Peters

“My current, computer-generated, imagery comes from a lexicon of images collected of the last 50 years.  I see the resultant productions as a bricolage of these images attempting to reflect the ordering systems that divide and “name” our world.”

Duck and Cover Drone Camel | ©Robert C. Peters

Curtis Robin Cb | ©Robert C. Peters

“I am particularly interested in how these structures function at their limits-their edges.  How elastic, how permeable are their boundaries?  How are objects and experiences (re)perceived/(re)interpreted when categories are renamed, collapsed, or their boundaries muddied? What happens when there is leakage of meaning?”

Gymnastic Rectangle B | ©Robert C. Peters

“I think of the works’ subjects as the lenses through which categorical structures are focused into a social reality.  The works ruminate on the ways these filtering devices reify habitual thought, perception, and mediate subjective experience.”

Robert C. Peters | Courtesy of the Artist

Robert C. Peters is currently retired from many years of teaching at the visual arts program at the University of Chicago.  He originally came to Chicago to teach at the Art Institute of Chicago where he stayed five years before moving permanently to the University of Chicago where he is a Professor Emeritus. 

His CV is located here for you to decipher.