Money by Raymond Carver: Directed by Mary Livoni

Money by Raymond Carver, a Cinepoem directed by Mary Livoni, to celebrate #nationalpoetrymonth​

This April is the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month. Conceived as means to honor poetry in 1996, it was created by the Academy of American Poets and has since become the world’s largest literary celebration. A month-long calendar of events brings students, teachers, artists, booksellers, and, of course, poets, engaging tens of millions who love poetry worldwide.

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A few years ago, I began to create single-channel video compositions combining my imagery with poetry fragments. My early videos premiered on Esthetic Lens and are homages to some of my favorite poets; Louise Glück, e.e. cummings, Ranier Maria Rilke, Walt Whitman, and Robert Creeley.

Every Thursday throughout April, I will post a brand new “cinepoem” I have specially created to honor #nationalpoetrymonth. I am grateful to the talented partners who helped me bring each one of these projects to life and very excited to share this work on Esthetic Lens.
My series begins April 1st, with “Money” written by Raymond Carver.

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