Premier: “Don’t Lay Down,” Video by Andrew Deadman

“Andrew Deadman dropped out of school at 17-years-old to realize dreams, not streams.”

Esthetic Lens is thrilled to bring you the premier of his latest video “Don’t Lay Down.”

“Police and fire sirens echoing in between the buildings of the city. Curfew alerts constantly updating and ringing loud and uncontrollably through our phone ruining recording takes…   We would gather not to rehearse for any hopeless endeavors such as live shows etc., myself and Kevin would get together and just play music.  I stumbled upon a melody and Kevin played on a simple, minimal drum setup.  Guitar straight into a small Fender Deluxe. The next day we asked engineer Logan Nix to help us out with recording our new lockdown song with vocals. Two days later the song was finished and that was that.  The song is called “Don’t Lay Down.”   We finished it a while back in 2020 but decided not to release it until this new year.”

Traveling the world, sleeping on benches, and busking for change, by 20-years-old, Deadman drifted to Los Angeles, taking up odd jobs to support himself while writing and recording in a home studio that he assembled piece by piece over time.

Eventually, Deadman would release several self-produced records under the name The Temporary Thing, and like his own years of drifting, would eventually find their way overseas to the playlists of John Peel. Opportunities presented themselves, and soon Deadman’s bedroom creations were being heard on television shows such as “The New Girl,” “Love,” “Gossip Girl,” “Togetherness,” “Community,” and many others.The fame comes before the fortune, and although Deadman was moving his music now, he was also continuing to move pianos – a different kind of music business – and a trade he was taught by his father.

Deadman developed a reputation in Los Angeles for not only his piano moving, but his ability to move giant vintage recording consoles and priceless gear.  Through these jobs, he worked with Keifer Sutherland and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty’s band The Heartbreakers, among others.Dreams are often subject to reality, and after breaking his hand on a job, the sidelined Deadman was relegated to driving. Through it all, he never gave up on his own musical road, and when he found himself giving guitarist Davey Catching (Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of The Stone Age) a ride from Los Angeles to his studio in Joshua Tree, a new lane emerged.

A gracious discount from Catching allowed Deadman to record his debut album for Minty Fresh titled Santa Monica Airport 1987.

This new single “Don’t Lay Down” was written during the current pandemic.

For more on Andrew Deadman check out his website.