Charlie Likes Music Podcast: Stax 101

I didn't take pictures inside the museum, so we're just going to look at this photo every week.

This week, I begin a journey exploring the history of Stax and its importance as a label.

From Rufus Thomas to Issac Hayes to Mavis Staples to Mable John to Johnnie Taylor to Otis Redding, the Memphis, Tennessee label, Stax Records had a huge impact on me, but more importantly, a huge impact on American Popular music, and more specifically American R & B. This is kind of an emotional episode, as I’ve been having a hard time finding a way into talking about Stax, but I think you will enjoy it nonetheless.

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Charlie Likes Music, Episode 46: Stax 101

Charlie Short is a Chicago-area musician, guitar repairman, podcaster, and bass guitar teacher. You can contact him at his website