Charlie Likes Music Podcast: Why I Like Music, or Top 5 Lists Aren’t A Great Way To Meet New People

One of the many lists I keep.

This week, inspired by Top 5 lists, I tell a little story of music that inspires me and how it doesn’t fit a Top 5 List.

Sometimes I talk about why I do the podcast. Ostensibly, it’s about sharing music that I like and helping people find it, sort of like a manic version of a reference book or Wikipedia. This week, I realized it’s literally my way of having conversations about music I can’t have with normal people. I don’t think that a Top 5 list is bad way to start talking about music, but when your (really my) answer is “King Crimson 1981-84, Yo La Tengo, The Delfonics Greatest Hits, James Jamerson and David Bowie’s Voice” maybe you should wait to answer that Top 5 question.

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Charlie Likes Music Episode 45: Why I Like Music or Top 5 Lists Aren’t A Great Way To Meet People

Charlie Short is a Chicago-area musician, guitar repairman, podcaster, and bass guitar teacher. You can contact him at his website