Charlie Likes Music Podcast: Looking Back On Music Is Easy and Dangerous

It's possible I may need to organize my books and records...

After I got a text from my friend Bill about music in different eras being perceived differently in hindsight, I began to think about how we listen as music unfolds in real-time, and how immediate access to older music has gotten easier over time. In this week’s episode, I talk about how looking back on one era of music from another, like looking back on the ’60s from the ’70s or looking back on the ’80s from the ’90s isn’t just a matter of nostalgia, but part of the repackaging and re-releasing of past music that’s been happening in a major way since the ’50s. I also make an argument that it’s not naive nostalgia or craven capitalism that forces this false wistfulness, it’s the nature of how music is released, and it’s inescapable.

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Charlie Likes Music, Episode 44: Looking Back On Music Is Easy and Dangerous

Charlie Short is a Chicago-area musician, guitar repairman, podcaster, and bass guitar teacher. You can contact him at his website