Photo Gallery: Moises Levy

Moises Levy is an architect and photographer in Mexico City, Mexico. We recently checked in with him to learn about his technical and emotional approach to photography

In 1982, when he began his studies in architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana, his appreciation of the natural relation between light and architecture was deepened. Subsequent travel to Boston, Paris and Venice served to illuminate the unbreakable bond between architecture and its relationship with light. It was this early interest in the qualities of light that lead Levy to photography, and as a counterpoint to his work as an architect he has now been drawn to street and landscape photography. 

Hurry | © Moises Levy

Trapped | © Moises Levy

Herons | © Moises Levy

Circle of Life | © Moises Levy

While his career is centered on architecture, and his appreciation of light began there, he states “I have a preference for street and landscape photography because it lets me be more organic and flexible than my work as an architect.”

Cycle of Life | © Moises Levy

Upside Down | © Moises Levy

Oppression | © Moises Levy

“Human condition is the main subject of my photography, I use several resources to express my ideas in photography like perspective and scale, my images are too intimate, I believe being too close to my subject help me create powerful images. My work is about people like a whole genre, I prefer to create anonymous subjects and for that I like to work with backlight to create high contrast black and white images in a more graphic sense. I also like to shoot minimal and very clean images and for that I use very low angles in places with almost no distractions like beaches and open spaces, I like to work light and usually I use one camera (Fuji or Leica) and one lens (28 or 35 mm). I understand my work as timeless images of the human condition.

Spiral Dog | © Moises Levy

Levitation | © Moises Levy

Kiss | © Moises Levy

Horses | © Moises Levy

Moises Levy

All my life I’ve been surrounded by images I live through my eyes, I think visually. When I was studying architecture I remember I wanted a camera to photograph the city, in that moment I knew photography was my passion, I always need to express myself visually. I like to freeze special moments, sometimes a movement or a gesture, something funny, or a hidden message, something that talks about life in a beautiful way, I spend a lot of time searching and waiting for special moments, usually, it comes from the least expected place and time.

You can keep up with Moises Levy via Instagram here and here.