5 Questions: Mines Falls

Erik and Carson Lund (L-R) of Mines Falls | Photo Credit: Michael Basta

Carson and Erik Lund discuss the fear of the future, writing music for their upcoming album, inspiring landscapes, and essential films.

1. What’s been keeping you up at night?

Carson: The gradual and systematic erosion of social and cultural life in the capitalist economy (now accelerated by the pandemic), the corresponding loss of public spaces associated with the arts, and the utter failure and unwillingness of those in power to do anything about it. A future mediated entirely by monolithic corporations is a future that I’m not particularly thrilled to live in.

Erik: I actually sleep quite well fortunately, but those same things keep me up all day.

Mines Falls | Photo Credit: Ori Gonzalez

2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or heard lately?

Carson: For me it was not a piece of media actually, but rather the coast of California north of San Francisco. I’d never been up there, and I was really moved by the varied landscape in Mendocino County, where rocky cliffs and dunes lead into redwoods, and where every few miles you’ll get blanketed by a new cloud of fog. I passed through Bodega Bay, which inspired me to rewatch The Birds, which then led me to Robin Wood’s impassioned essay on that film. That’s probably my favorite thing I’ve read recently, and reaches a thesis that I think is an apt reminder in our current state of affairs: the birds are a random, irrational form of chaos that’s just part of life, and our only chance to bat them away comes via meaningful relationships.  

Erik: Leos Carax’s film The Lovers On The Bridge. For years I’ve held his most recent film Holy Motors as one of my all-time favorites but going backward in his catalog to that film reveals the crux of his punk rock style of filmmaking. There’s a scene involving a speed boat, thousands of fireworks, and the river Seine that blows more than half the budget of the film in two minutes. Very cool stuff.

3. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Carson: All throughout quarantine we’ve been writing and demoing songs for our third record. The increased free time has led to a surge in productivity that we’re very grateful for, and it has also enabled a deeper focus. 

Erik: The music has a distinctly different feel from our first two albums in some subtle but critical ways. Every time you write something new there’s a moment where you feel both exhilaration and fear over what it could be, but we can’t wait to flesh it out and finalize these songs in the coming months. 

The increased free time has led to a surge in productivity that we’re very grateful for, and it has also enabled a deeper focus

4. If you could add anyone, alive or dead to your team, who would it be?

Carson: We feel pretty self-sufficient as a duo. That said, writing lyrics is usually the most painstaking part of my process. I enjoy it to some extent, but it requires so many hours spent staring off into space. Sometimes I wish I could have some mad wordsmith like Russell Edson just whispering strange couplets into my ear. 

Erik: Merzbow. I’d like to hear some of our songs utterly mangled. 

5. When the movie of your life is made, what will it be called?

Carson: The movie of my life and my friends’ lives has already been made, and it was made by my friends. It’s called Ham on Rye, and it’s about the crushing weight afforded to the bizarre rituals of growing up in a suburb. My friend Tyler Taormina directed it. I shot it. It has played in festivals all around the world and it’s coming to virtual cinemas in the near future!

Mines Falls is the LA-based duo of Carson and Erik Lund. Their new album, due out September 18th, 2020 is self-titled and is luxurious, moody cinematic pop music with electronic touches. It’s a melancholy, late-night record, with creative and stylish production. The whole album is a lovely mood piece that flows beautifully from track to track. 

Mines Falls can be found online:

Bandcamp: minesfalls.bandcamp.com

Instagram: instagram.com/mines_falls

Facebook: www.facebook.com/minesfalls