Supporting Those Who Give: Tragedy Has Struck Nicholas & Penny Tremulis’ Family

Stephanos Tremulis and his children

We don’t typically report the news here. Our mission is slower-paced and longer-term: to promote creative people who deserve a larger audience.

Still, when a stalwart of our community asks for help we’ve got to do what we can.

Anyone who’s spent a minute in the Chicago music scene has heard the name Nicholas Tremulis. A tireless writer and performer, Nick also organized and ran The Waltz, a live music fundraiser for homeless youth. I read an estimate today that over the years this event raised over $200,000, and I’m not surprised.

It seems that only Nick could pull this off – his reputation and position in the music world enabled him to convinced A-list stars to play for free.

Now Nick and his family have suffered a crushing loss. While he has been recovering from COVID-19, Nick and his wife Penny learned that their 26-year-old son Stephanos has passed away.

Here’s a link to their GoFundMe campaign. We’re all being asked to give these days, but this feels different.