“You Are the Artist”: The Artwork of Jon Gnagy at Firecat Projects

Corn and Melon Patch | ©Jon Gnagy 1946

Firecat Projects in Chicago is presenting a retrospective look at the work of artist Jon Gnagy, known to some as “television’s first artist.” A video preview of the show, which runs through August 14, follows.

Firecat is located at
2124 North Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647

Check out their website for more.

The Anvil and Hammer | © Jon Gnagy, date unknown

“After many years of working at one’s art, it is often difficult to recall the beginning of one’s path, the sources of discovery and inspiration. For me, it is an easy task. In the early sixties, when my both parents were working and my older siblings were busy on their own, television brought new friends into my life. One, Jon Gnagy, was there for me every afternoon. He loved making artwork, found joy in the act of drawing, and shared that with whoever took the time to tune in to him. He took me from my box of crayons to thinking about image-making in a more considered manner. He did so in such a way that he opened possibilities that an eight-year-old could grasp and realize magical results. That unbounded happiness in the process would stay with me as a mainstay for approaching life. Gnagy gave me a gift that I strive to pass on through everything I do: the joy and adventure of making art. Thank you, Jon Gnagy.”

— Stan Klein, Firecat Projects

Untitled charcoal drawing | ©Jon Gnagy, date unknown