Clarity Through Design: Visualizing the global impact of COVID-19 | The Illustrations of Mattias Mackler

Uncharted: "I'm Dying a Little on the Inside" | © Mattias Mackler

COVID-19’s spread took the world by storm, and the news cycle frantically scrambled to keep pace. For many of us, the shifting stories resulted in information overload. The goal of this project? To cut through the clutter and help people see the impact of this crisis and engage with the data in a meaningful way. To sum up, to try and create a visual news headline.

Editor’s note: Mattias sent us these fantastic infographics in mid-May when these numbers were still accurate. The delay is ours, and we apologize for that.

U.S. Unemployment Claims | © Mattias Mackler

Approval Ratings During COVID-19 | © Mattias Mackler

A Miraculous and Beautiful Trumpian Moment in Time | © Mattias Mackler

COVID-19 Global Daily Cases | © Mattias Mackler

Estimating the Daily Mass Testing Needed in the United States | © Mattias Mackler

Currently a Creative Director at FutureBrand, Mattias Mackler works at the intersection of branding, storytelling, and digital design. He has worked at a 2-person design studio, a 300-person multi-disciplined creative agency, a global innovation firm, a digital start-up, and one of the world’s most influential art museums.  He is also represented by Snyder New York.