Technique, Observation, Patience: The Photography of Leon Macapagal

Early Morning Trolly | © Leon Macapagal 2019

Leon Macapagal is a photographer and UI designer who specializes in photographing urban cityscapes, architecture, landscapes, and portrait photography. His work has been featured on Unsplash and Pexels, to name a few. Leon first fell in love with photography at Columbia College and was immediately captivated by the emotions he evoked with his art. After freelancing and encountering financial hardships, Leon transitioned to a career in design. 12 years later, Leon picked up his camera and rediscovered his passion for photography. Now, more determined than ever to elevate his art form, you’ll usually find him wandering the streets of Chicago in pursuit of timeless images.

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Sunset Fog | © Leon Macapagal 2019
“Extremely fortunate to have captured this shot”

Oakland Bay Bridge | © Leon Macapagal 2019
“Patience truly is a virtue in photography”

London House View | © Leon Macapagal 2019

Golden Gate | © Leon Macapagal 2019
“Combining texture with depth, when done right, can lead to some beautiful results”

Golden Gate at Night | © Leon Macapagal 2019
“Tracking down this viewpoint took a good amount of work, but the payoff was definitely worth it.”

Clark & Lake, Facing West | © Leon Macapagal 2019

Clark & Lake, Facing East | © Leon Macapagal 2019

Chicagohenge | © Leon Macapagal 2019

Water Taxi | © Leon Macapagal 2019
“I love the editing process! the ability to manipulate your original image to depict a certain mood and feel is very satisfying”

Chicago Theatre | © Leon Macapagal 2019

Adams & Wabash | © Leon Macapagal 2019