World in Motion: The Photography of Laurie Wolf

Brights Abstract Teal Orange © Laurie Wolf 2019

I am aware of the stigma that everyone with a digital device today thinks they are a photographer. Well aware. But I feel like so many people are in such a hurry all day, every day, that they do not really take the time to just look around, open their minds and simply observe. I see pictures everywhere, every day – when the light is great, when the shadows are interesting when the color makes you stop. Digital photography is both a little gift and a challenge for me – I try to take the best possible un-Photoshopped images I can with my iPhone 8 and post them to my Instagram feed. Typically in the form of abstracts that could almost be paintings – they are more about the brights, the lights, the shapes and patterns that I found interesting that day.

Nights © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern B&W Buildings Cityscape © Laurie Wolf 2019

Paintings Cafe © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern Bridge © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern Riverfront Bridge © Laurie Wolf 2019

Nights Abstract Candles © Laurie Wolf 2019

Brights Springy Colors © Laurie Wolf 2019

Building Bridge © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern Patterns Merch Mart © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern Art Institute Crowd © Laurie Wolf 2019

Brights Abstract Judd Sculpture © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern Art Institute Hall © Laurie Wolf 2019

Light Pattern CTA Cityscape © Laurie Wolf 2019

Brights Eyes Sculpture 606 Chicago © Laurie_Wolf 2019

Brights Abstract Awning Aloft Chicago © Laurie Wolf 2019

Laurie started her career in advertising in Los Angeles, later moved to San Francisco, and has called Chicago home for the past 15 years. She started taking photographs at age 8 – with a point and shoot Vivitar camera. Through encouragement from her parents, and ongoing photography courses, Laurie embraced looking through a lens to share her vision.

See what she’s up to on Instagram: @lawolf1