5 Questions: The Max and Adam Show

Adam_and_Max Adam and Max

1. What’s been keeping you up at night?

Our crippling anxiety and narcissistic insecurities mostly keep us up at night, as well as our unwavering addiction to caffeine. There’s also that thing in the corner of the room, but thankfully there’s a nightlight.

But in all seriousness, comedy is one of the few outlets we have to free ourselves from all of those very real fears and anxieties that plague us every day. When we started this podcast, we did it kind of on a whim and we didn’t even really know if this was going to become a real thing. It turned out that after we invested in ourselves and put in all of the work to make the show fun, we realized that it had become more than just a comedy podcast but also an outlet of unconditional acceptance. It’s like positive reinforcement with no strings attached.

2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or heard lately?

We saw a pretty cool show at Collaboraction Studio Theater recently with the group, Hello Brother, performing and we thought they were really fresh and funny.

3. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Right now we’re trying to get comedians to participate in our show. Improvised comedy is always so much more fun when you’re sharing the experience with other like-minded people. We’ve found that having guests on the show not only helps grow our active audience organically but it also gives comedians in Chicago a new platform. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

4. If you could add anyone, alive or dead to your team, who would it be?

We would probably add Chris Gethard. He’s a great comedian and improviser with a really grounded understanding of people and comedy.

5. When the movie of your life is made, what will it be called?

Poké Burrito Meditation, check out episode 3 to understand ;).

Check out some of Max and Adam’s work below, and be sure to tune in to their season finale on March 5.

Venice Jamaica Bit Description
Everything we do is completely improvised so when we record we have no idea where these scenes are going to take us. This was a really interesting exploration of a Jamaican (with a strangely Italian accent) singer meeting a large British woman. They kind of fall in love before their tragic demise.

Chicago Football Bit Description
We thought that this was about to be a full show but we stopped it after the band because we thought that it was a really strong standalone bit. This bit is like if Mike Ditka met Harry Carray.

Movie Trailer Bit Description
One of the great things about improv is that there really are no rules to abide by, and we somehow managed to break them in this bit by switching characters, names, and storylines. But that seems to be what made this bit work.