31 Hellos from the Divine Feminine: the Third and Final Adventure in collage-a-day | Artwork by Tisa Batchelder

day_406_hello_27_©_tisa_batchelder day 406 / hello 27 | © Tisa Batchelder

“About a year and half after I began collage-a-day my collage making train finally ran out of steam. I had devoted myself to making a collage every single day for a full year. Now I made one once every few days, once a week, once in awhile. I wasn’t ready to stop, but if I were to continue I wanted the work to be more focused, less random.

I had seen spiritual and feminine images emerge periodically during collage-a-day. Now I decided to be intentional: each new piece would be a visual communication from the divine feminine. I found that lining up with my intention before I began brought greater clarity to each finished image. The focus shifted from “let’s see what comes up when I follow this process”, to “let’s see what the divine feminine has to say today.” I made 31 collages before it occurred to me to line the pieces up chronologically and write a caption for each one. This became 31 Hellos from the Divine Feminine.

31 Hellos is a little story about shifting energies on our magical planet and the shifting energies within those who make it their home. Though this project was completed in 2013, the images and words seem to have a prescience, speaking about today’s cultural stories: Weinstein, the Me Too movement, and “old ways” coming to the surface.

I recently compiled the images into a slideshow and added an instrumental backing track. For the full experience watch the slideshow:


You can spend time with the individual images here.”

Tisa Batchelder is an artist and musician living in the Chicago area.

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