Gesture and Repose: The Paintings of Victoria Ohanna

Babylon_©_Victoria_Ohanna Babylon | oil on canvas | 36" x 36" | © VictoriaOhanna

“Victoria Ohanna was born in Curitiba, Brazil (b.1983) She is a self-taught contemporary abstract and portrait artist and currently works as a Firefighter. Victoria received a Bachelors degree from Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

Growing up, Victoria traveled extensively and has been influenced by a variety of art forms, which has given her a broad perspective and appreciation for diverse styles. Her most recent collection of works are primarily portraiture. The faces she paints are mostly of people that she does not know personally, which allows her more creative freedom and the ability to create her own realty and meaning behind the expressions.

Victoria stretches and primes her own canvas and begins the painting with a light charcoal sketch. The process going forward has no distinct formula as she uses colors that steer away from traditional palettes and takes a more “experimental” approach to her work.

She has exhibited her work at several fairs and group shows in Miami, New York, Baltimore, and Annapolis. Victoria currently lives in Timonium, Maryland and continues to paint and be inspired.”

You can check out more of her work at her website, or on Instagram.

James | oil on canvas | 24″ x 24″ | © Victoria Ohanna



Lauren | oil on canvas | 24″ x 24″ | © Victoria Ohanna



Rolf | oil on canvas | 16″ x 20″ | © Victoria Ohanna



Rumby | oil on canvas | 16″ x 20″ | © Victoria Ohanna



Bartholomew | oil on canvas | 12″ x 16″ | © Victoria Ohanna