5 Questions: Photographer Doug Haight

Doug_Haight Doug Haight

For more than 20 years Doug Haight has enjoyed life as a photographer and video producer.  He is a member of Perspective Gallery in Evanston, Illinois.  His work has been featured in numerous festivals, shows and publications, including the New York Times, but not yet National Geographic, Smithsonian or Time.  His work has not yet been purchased by any major museum but a good number of his pieces have been happily bought for private collections.  

Doug’s Work will be featured in “Wandering Yuma,” a collection of recent work documenting his time in Cuba. The show will be open May 31 – July 1, with an opening on June 2 from 5 – 7 pm.

Check out Perspective Gallery for more.

1. What’s been keeping you up at night?

On most nights I sleep very well but now and again middle age hits me full force and specifically the challenge of how to best transition to more of the work that I find the most rewarding.  Right now the short answer is more photography, less video.  Come to think of it, I also lose a few winks over how to help my quickly aging parents.

Barbershop Reflection  | Archival Pigment Print  | 12” x 18″ | © Doug Haight 2017


2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or heard lately?
Spotify.  Yeah, I’m a very late to that party.  After many years of accumulating music and not feeling like I need to subscribe to pay monthly for music, I gave in.  It’s been a blast seeing what my daughters are listening to and sharing playlists.  The day the Lollapalooza line up is announced I feel really old but Spotify helping turn me on to a lot of new stuff – and let me take a deep dive into a lot of old stuff I didn’t have.  

Girl with Purple Balloon  | Archival Pigment Print |  35” x 51” | © Doug Haight, 2017


3. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?
Wandering Yuma, a very large exhibit of my photography in June at Perspective Gallery in Evanston.  It’s by far my most ambitious show and I’m alternately proud and nervous.  There are fifty-three of my photographs from Havana, on display in a salon-style-on-steriods exhibit with some multimedia elements.  I know the show will be challenging for some people because that much work on two walls can be overwhelming, but what I’m trying to show is what its like to experience Havana, and I hope this approach will get that across.  I am asking viewers to both step way back and get in very close and along the way hopefully they will encounter the energy and texture, the patriotism and poverty and the contradictions and humanity of Havana.

Malecon Funeral | Archival Pigment Print | 16” x 24” | © Doug Haight, 2013

4. If you could add anyone, alive or dead to your team, who would it be?
Danny Lyon, as a mentor.  I’d be fascinated, fearful and (hopefully) forever grateful to see what he thinks of my work so far and to see where he would push me to go next beyond my comfort zone.  I have such great admiration for the breath and depth of his work and the way he has taken risks and followed his own voice.


Viktor with Gamecock | Archival Pigment Print | 24” x 36” | © Doug Haight, 2017

5. When the movie of your life is made, what will it be called?
Why Don’t You Know How Much Fun I’m Having?