Rosetree: A Video Broadside by Mary Livoni


My video broadside “Rosetree” marks my 10th post for Esthetic Lens.

Taking photographs and shooting video on the fly whenever the mood strikes
has changed everything for me as an artist over the last few years.

For many years, I created drawings and collages in my studio.

I was totally entranced by charcoal and paper.

Before that I was challenged by painting, and tested my mettle against all of the burdens that come along with that particular medium.

Now I am able to reinvent the themes that have interested me for decades within a new medium at a much quicker pace.

It’s been a clarifying and really powerful experience for me.

I recognize most of my long term visions in my new work, and am very grateful to have a new language to explore.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to let me know they enjoy my videos and photography. Heartfelt thanks to Dave Roth for his encouragement and support of my work.

Excerpt from e.e. cummings “poem”
Read the full text of the poem here.

Music: Romeo & Juliet (Complete Suites From The Ballet)
Sergei Prokofiev
Suite No. 2: The Child Juliet
Suite No. 2: Romeo At Juliet’s Before Parting
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Paavo Järvi, Conducter

Photography, video & art direction by Mary Livoni
To see more of Mary’s work, visit Instagram, her Esthetic Lens page, and her website.