Lost on the River: An Homage to “The New Basement Tapes”

Florida_Key_©_Mary_Livoni Florida Key "Nothing’s locked, never will be Everything is open" © Mary Livoni

This series of photographs were inspired by the lyrics of the incomparably great Bob Dylan, and are an homage to The New Basement Tapes, and to the musicians – Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, Jim James and Marcus Mumford – who collaborated to create this beautiful record produced by T Bone Burnett. From it’s release in 2014 to just this past night, this album has provided me with profound inspiration; I hear, feel and see each song as an emotionally powerful, minimal short story.

If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest you treat yourself and buy a copy right away.


Spanish Mary
“Is it a mystery to live or is it a mystery to die”
© Mary Livoni


Diamond Ring
“It’s gonna be just as if I stayed”
© Mary Livoni


“The pain is written in my hands”
© Mary Livoni


Down on the Bottom
“No place to go but up”
© Mary Livoni


Florida Key
“Nothing’s locked, never will be
Everything is open”
© Mary Livoni


Lost on the River #20
“And now I wait for the next rising sun”
© Mary Livoni


Liberty Street
“Descending from machinery
He left nothing in his will”
© Mary Livoni


Nothing to It
“If I was you I’d put back what I took”
© Mary Livoni


Duncan and Jimmy
“Or just leave me be wherever it seems right”
© Mary Livoni


Lost on the River #12
I got lost on the river, but I got found”
© Mary Livoni


The Whistle_is_Blowing_©_Mary_Livoni
The Whistle is Blowing
I’ll be gone by tonight,” she told me today”
© Mary Livoni