Line and Shadow: The Artwork of Elina Traiforou

Eleni_Traiforou_©_Eleni_Traiforou Elina Traiforou

Elina Traiforou was born in Thessaloniki and raised in Kavala, Greece.
She studied BA Film and Drama in Reading, UK and MA Screen Arts in Sheffield, UK. Since 2005 she has been living in Athens, Greece.
She has published 5 poetry collections (one bilingual in English and Greek)
and made 3 documentaries that have been shown on TV and at Greek festivals.
In 2017 she started making collages.

“I do both analogue and digital.

I like both painterly and photographic as long as I feel happy with the result.
I often use happy accidents to my advantage and I don’t know what I will be making before I establish a connection between at least two pieces of paper.
Often then, that connection functions as a guideline for me to keep going.
The title of each piece is also important to the whole artwork as it helps the viewer by communicating meaning.

I am very particular about the material I am using and make trips to old bookshops that sell certain magazines that I prefer. Of particular interest to me is the combination of photographic elements with linework/shapes, that is the combination of realistic elements with minimalism in illustration.”

If| © Elina Traidorou| Digital collage


She just lost her job | Feb 2018 | (17×27 cm) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


Solitude is bliss | Sept 2017 | (11 x 20 cm) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


The Censor | Jan 2018 | Digital collage © Elina Traidorou


The power of the eye | 15x 21.5 cm (Feb 2018) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


Don’t say a word | (Nov 2017) | Digital collage © Elina Traidorou


Fleeting Passions | 16.5 x 7.7 cm (Oct 2017) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


Sleep tight baby | 35,5 x 42 cm (2017) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


Calling Earth | 21.5 x 24.5 cm (2017) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


Eroticism | 21 x 35 cm (2018) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


Party girl | Digital collage | Sept 2017 © Elina Traidorou


The 9th month | 13.7 x 23.5 cm (2017) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


In Dreams | 16 x 13.8 cm (2017) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou


I think I’m in love | 15 x 11 cm (2017) | Analogue collage © Elina Traidorou