Neoteric Art: Michael Hopkins Interviews Pierre Woerner

Pierre_Neoteric_©_Pierre_Woerner Multiple Perspectives, 2017 | © Pierre Woerner

Over at Neoteric Art Esthetic Lens contributor Michael Hopkins interviews fellow Esthetic Lens contributor Pierre Woerner:

The Spotlight Project, created and curated by Michael Hopkins, brings attention to artists who might be known locally or regionally but deserve to be seen by a much larger audience. Each post will feature an artist that you may not know, but should.

“I more or less am an architect. I make plans, and if the project is accepted, I make a survey during the realization. I did architecture and design work in the past, and I know how to approach it in this manner.”
~ Pierre Woerner

Check out the interview here, Pierre’s Esthetic Lens piece here, and Michael Hopkins Esthetic Lens here.