Silent Condensation: FOGTOBER by Francesco Romero

fogtober10_©_francesco_romero F O G T O B E R 10 © Francesco Romero

The series F O G T O B E R was conceived as a study on absence of sound. In an era in which we’re surrounded by loads of unnecessary words, information and noises, silence seems to get way overlooked. In this specific context, fog is basically nature suggesting we all need a break from reality to get immersed in silence. An exploration of nature-generated emptiness aimed to highlight what really matters. There’s always something surfacing from a thick blanket of fog. Something that while speaking with a ghostly voice it’s still able to communicate more than a thousand yelled words.

Just like with music, it’s all about the silences, the pauses, the emptiness. There’s silence first, and then, music.


F O G T O B E R 37 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 40 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 33 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 31 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 15 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 12 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 9 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 7 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 6 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 2 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 1 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 30 © Francesco Romero


F O G T O B E R 32 © Francesco Romero


Francesco Romero is a former musician and producer whose current artistic output is photography. He’s based mostly in Italy where he focuses on themes of absence, decay and isolationism from a graphical and geometric point of view. A fascination with the dystopian aspect of everyday life drives him to decontextualize details, landscapes, and architecture, allowing them to stand alone as alien images. 90% of his shots are music inspired, typically from northern electronica, drone music and Detroit / German techno. He’s also massively influenced by early US hardcore-punk and Industrial.

Many of these shots are available as limited edition fine art prints at the following links:

Doka Photography

Open Doors Gallery

For further information about Francesco Romero check his IG-feed @alfarom70 or contact Doka Photography and Open Doors Gallery.