5 Questions: Brad Wood

Brad_&_Kappy Brad Wood & Kappy

Brad Wood began his music production career in 1988 in Chicago, where he worked with dozens of artists. It was Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville” in 1993 that brought him national attention and soon he produced critically-acclaimed debut albums for Sunny Day Real Estate, Veruca Salt, Red Red Meat and Ben Lee. Later in the decade, he produced Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Far, That Dog, Menthol and many more. In 2000, Brad relocated to Los Angeles and co-produced Pete Yorn’s debut album “musicforthemorningafter” In 2004, Brad built his newest studio in LA, where Ben Lee returned for his best-selling album “Awake Is The New Sleep”. Albums for mewithoutYou, the Fire Theft, the Bangles, Say Anything, Sherwood and Touché Amore have kept him busy.

You can find him on Twitter, or at his website.

1. What’s been keeping you up at night?

Not much can keep me awake at night except caffeine mismanagement earlier in the day, but in the spirit of the question, here’s what wakes me in the early morning and troubles my dog walks. I worry about my daughters. I worry about the usual stuff: education, friendships, straight teeth, college and beyond, their ability to earn a living, their happiness… But I also worry about their future as siblings. I so want them to remain close friends and to help each other through the phases of life- good and bad- where the history and connection of being siblings can provide support in ways other friendships cannot. I see the relationships their mother has with her siblings and I am hopeful for our kids. Still, I worry… And then, of course I am troubled by nuclear annihilation and the mind-numbing control our smartphones have over us all, but that’s a given.

2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or heard lately?

The coolest thing I heard in 2017 was the sound of the little river that quietly burbled past the studio in Wales where we worked last fall. Spending a couple minutes standing by the shore was pretty therapeutic.

3. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Whatever I am working on at the moment is the most exciting thing to me. I am lucky enough to have a job that provides me with an ever-changing cast of characters to collaborate with. I don’t have a boss or co-workers who sit at a desk next to me for years. I have people arrive who I usually have never met, who have a goal of creating a recording of their music that can be presented to the world. It’s a high-wire act at times and by nature, pretty exciting.

4. If you could add anyone, alive or dead to your team, who would it be?

I would add my sister. We’re all getting older now (including our mom) and I could use her perspective and help (see answer to Question 1).

5. When the movie of your life is made, what will it be called?

The Man Who Talked Too Much