Strange, Beautiful & Sad: The Artwork of Thom Wolfe

TW2017_Strange_Beautiful_Sad_01 Strange, Beautiful & Sad, detail 24” h x 24” w © Thom Wolfe 2017

Working within collage, Thom’s work draws upon his career in design – cutting and pasting a narrative that reflects a fascination with typography, books and fashion. Often personal in nature, the work explores relationships and emotions in an effort to capture these fleeting moments. And much like memories, important details – fragments of phrases, numbers and images – mix together with insignificant minutiae in a wonderfully tangled latticework of truths, distortions and inconsequential meanders.

Strange, Beautiful & Sad 24” h x 24” w © Thom Wolfe 2017


Why is sadness beautiful?
How many heartbreaks can the heart withstand?
How many loves can one hope for in life?

The Horizon 24” h x 24” w © Thom Wolfe 2017


Do other animals feel heartache?
Why do memories trigger a physical response?
How does time heal all wounds?

In Given Time 30” h x 24” w © Thom Wolfe 2017

Is it ok to be lonely?
Am I wrong to feel incomplete?
What is the proper way to grieve?


Yellow is the Saddest Color 16” h x 16” w © Thom Wolfe 2016


Do the ties that bind also ensnare us?
Is bondage bonding?
Is love a chemical reaction and can it be reproduced in a lab?


Navigating (A)Way 16” h x 16” w © Thom Wolfe 2017


Why am I attracted to free spirits and surprised when they want to be free?
Why does astrology always seem to be true?
Are matters of the heart governed by the laws of science?

The Golden Daffodils 24” h x 24” w © Thom Wolfe 2017


Is the future written in the stars?
If opposites attract, are we looking for love in all the wrong places?
Do we really need the eggs?

The Importance of Time 24” h x 18” w © Thom Wolfe 2017


Thom Wolfe is an artist and Creative Director in Chicago.
You can see more of his work here