A Humble Anniversary: Happy Everything

Dave_Roth Dave Roth, Editor

Today marks the 3 month anniversary of this project, so I want to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who has contributed. And thanks to you – the person reading this. Whether you’re a contributor or an appreciator of the talented folks who have made this site what it is, the fact that you’re reading this right now is huge.

This site started as a bit of an experiment – what would happen if a space was created for creatives to make their own?

Would they embrace the opportunity, or shy away? So far the answer has been very much the former. It has never been my intention to exert strong curatorial control here. Once I find some kind of connection to a person’s expressive thinking, the rest is up to them.

And the results have been really cool. I’m excited, because the new year looks bright for this project. Know someone who deserves a larger audience? Send them my way: hello@estheticlens.com.

Warm thanks to our contributors so far. This site is nothing without them, and each of them deserve much larger audiences:

AdventureLand Works on Paper
Dave Alvin
Dan Andries
Nino Arobelidze
Tisa Batchelder
Janet Beveridge Bean
Jay Bonansinga
Shawn Campbell
Dana Chang
Lisa Colby
Thomas Comerford
William Conger
Matt Cunningham, aka Moon Patrol
Steve Dawson
Brian Deck
William Dolan
Derek Erdman
JC Farris
Tony Fitzpatrick
Doug Fogelson
Aaron Freeman
Steve Gerlach
Michael Hopkins
Ethan Hutchinson
Levent Isik
Thomas Kellner
Jim Klososky
Ken Krimstein
John Kruth
Betsy Lam
Jon Langford
Chris Lawson
Nina Levy
Kristin Lingren
Mary Petrine Livoni
Valerie Werner Longo
Tom MacDonald
Norbert Marzalek
Kat Maxman
Stuart McKean
Ian Merritt
Bob Nastanovich
Mai Lyn Ngo
Bill North
Jill Norton
David Olney
Christopher Poehlmann
Randy Regier
Francesco Romero
Kate Roth
Noah Roth
Rotofugi Gallery
Dave Salanitro
Marta Sasinowska
David Singer
Doug Sohn
Nathaniel Stern
Wonil Suh
Meg Suhr
TJ Tambelini
David Tobocman
Oliver Trager
Nicholas Tremulis
Tessa Vermeulen
Mark Vickery
Louis Walch
Marla Wallerstein

Wishing you and yours health and happiness in 2018,

Dave Roth