American Craftsman: The Furniture of Ethan Hutchinson

Ethan_Hutchinson Ethan Hutchinson

“It’s been said that the difference between an artist and a craftsperson is the intimate connection to the materials we work with. What brings us to our craft is our desire to work with the material vs. we want the material to express us. God bless the Hipsters, if that’s even a thing still. They are the next generation of crafts persons. Heritage, Artisnal, whatever you want to call it it’s craft in America.”

Walnut occasional © Ethan Hutchinson
Tiger maple rocker $5,500 © Ethan Hutchinson

The difference between an artist and a craftsperson is the intimate connection to the materials


Leather upholstered study chairs $4,800 per © Ethan Hutchinson


“I grew up in a creative family. My Father is an architect and my Mother was a textile artist. By the time I was in high school I wanted nothing to do with a creative profession however. I wanted the financial stability of a “real” profession. I graduated with a degree in Chemistry and began working as an analytical chemist. Within 4 years I felt very unfulfilled. I felt like I wanted to make things, to use my hands. So I started building Adirondack chairs on the weekends and within a year I quit my day job and began my creative journey. That was almost 28 years ago and I’ve never looked back since. I didn’t know it at the time but I’m the fourth generation of woodworkers on both sides of my family. Destiny, perhaps, but more the gift my parents gave me. Showing me that a creative profession is real and can be a true avocation.”

Japanese soaking tub © Ethan Hutchinson

I wanted nothing to do with a creative profession

Walnut slab top dining table 12′ x 5′, $11,750.00 © Ethan Hutchinson

“My work is a collaborative process with all my clients. The only pieces that I build as is are rockers and certain side chairs. Everything else begins with discussions about materials, functional elements and general design ideas. When we get it right they can clearly see their ideas in the piece expressed in a way they hadn’t imagined or weren’t able to articulate. I always ask myself “would I like this piece in my home forever?” “Does it fulfill its intended use?” “Is it understated enough to be with other pieces in the home and have some sense of balance and connection?” It’s taken me decades to be patient and see each project for what it is and not necessarily what I want it to be.”

Walnut slab top dining tables separated. 5′ x 3’6″ $13,500.00 © Ethan Hutchinson

Ethan Hutchinson designs and builds furniture in Aurora, Colorado. To get in contact with him, or see more of his work, check out his website.