Video Broadside: Mother and Child by Louise Glück

Mary_Livoni_Louise_Glück_Mother_and_Child Louise Glück: Mother and Child Broadside by Mary Livoni, with music by Thomas Newman

This is an experiment in intuition, and interpretation, created with a fragment from the poem Mother and Child, by Louise Glück.


You can read the full text of the poem here.

Two years ago I created a series of traditional broadsides based on the work of author and poet Stuart Dybek;. I was deeply grateful to him for his support and encouragement as I worked to create the imagery to honor his words.

You can view that series here:

As I installed my posters on the streets of Chicago, in all four seasons, I knew that my audience would be random and the exhibition window was potentially very short.

Going forward, I will be creating a different kind of broadside; one that will appear on screens, phones, tablets, and computers.

Poetry has sustained me for many decades; a source for richness and inspiration as I have made my own progress as an artist.

I regularly visit the wonderful website at all hours of the day and night; where poems written by Louise Gluck, Li-Young Lee, Simone Muensch, Tracy K. Smith, Robert Creeley, Stuart Dybek, and Raymond Carver (just to name a few) have been available to me whenever I have needed them.

Thank you for looking.