Paradise as a Kind of Library: on Borges and Blindness

Borges Jorge Luis Borges

There’s a wonderful post at on Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The piece focuses on Borges’ blindness, and his observations on the blindness of Homer and Milton.

An excerpt follows.

“The world of the blind is not the night that people imagine,” he said in a 1977 lecture called “Blindness,” collected in his magnificent posthumous anthology Selected Nonfictions. “I should say that I am speaking for myself, and for my father and my grandmother, who both died blind—blind, laughing, and brave, as I also hope to die. They inherited many things—blindness, for example—but one does not inherit courage.”

Jorge Luis Borges giving his 6 Norton Lectures in fall 1967 and spring 1968.
1. The Riddle of Poetry
2. The Metaphor
3. The Telling of the Tale
4. Word-Music and Translation
5. Thought and Poetry
6. A Poet’s Creed

For more on this fascinating writer, you can head to Google, or take a spin through the Britannica’s bio.