Exhibition: A Little Piece of Bauhaus

doug_fogelson_forms_and_records_bw_no_05_detail-w1022-h0 © Doug Fogelson

Chicago artist Doug Fogelson has an opening this Friday, October 27 at the Goethe Institut in Chicago.

Doug Fogelson: Forms & Records

Doug Fogelson, artist and photographer, Chicago, IL, 2016 by Chester Alamo-Costello

I produced photograms by exposing scale-model architectural forms together with vintage 7″ inch audio records (aka 45’s). The forms were collected via student projects and the records chosen from specific artists of the late 1950’s and 1960’s. As shadow-record photograms are brief/latent moments where materials interacted, they can also articulate a new typology as created by selected materials. My color and black & white images were the final project to be made in the original darkroom of the New Bauhaus, which was in the basement of Mies Van der Rohe’s Crown Hall at the Institute of Design/IIT campus, before the area got remodeled. DF

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Chicago, lL 60601

For more of Doug’s work, go check out his website.