5 Questions: Lisa Colby

© Lisa Colby

Lisa Colby is a studio metalsmith living in North Carolina. You can see some of her amazing work at her website.

1. What’s been keeping you up at night?
The current administration keeps me up at night. Police brutality, the rise of hate crimes, climate change deniers, xenophobia, threats to our right to affordable healthcare, anti LGBTQ rhetoric, the attacks of the press; that’s it in a nutshell.

2. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or heard lately?
The coolest thing I saw was a talk given by the artist/activist, Bree Newsome who climbed a 30 ft. flagpole and removed the confederate flag from the South Carolina State grounds. Her act of courage pressured state officials to remove the flag permanently from the capital in S.C. 

3. What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?
The most exciting thing I’m working on right now is my studio work. I have been a self employed jewelry artist for the past twenty five years. I am lucky to be able to create work in my studio in N.C and have the privilege of traveling to various cities across the United States where I sell my work at art festivals. Meeting my customers is always great fun. I’ve also become very politically involved since November. This has resulted in my participation in The Women’s March in D.C., calling my elected officials daily and participating in every protest here in my small town of Asheville, NC. The protests range from healthcare, climate change and anti fascist demonstrations. 

4. If you could add anyone, alive or dead to your team, who would it be?
If I could add anyone to my team, it would be Amy Siskind. She’s an
author who runs a weekly list of the looming threat of authoritarianism running rampant in this current Trump regime. She is incredibly thorough. 

5. When the movie of your life is made, what will it be called?
If ever there was a movie of my life, it would be called “I tried my damnedest” 

Lisa Colby

“Growing up in a family of artists, it was only natural that I chose a career in the arts. My love of metalsmithing in college has turned into a lifelong pursuit . Much of my time is spent designing and hand fabricating jewelry from sterling silver where I sell it at galleries across the U.S. I also enjoy traveling to art fairs as well; this gives me the opportunity to meet collectors of my work first hand. In the past ten years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching at several craft schools in Missouri, Tennessee and North Carolina. I love creative problem solving and sharing my knowledge with students.”

  • BFA with a concentration in metalsmithing, Wayne State University Detroit, Mi
  • Faculty Craft Alliance Center for Art & Design , St. Louis , MO. 2007-2016
  • Taught at Penland School of Crafts, Penland N.C.
  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN
  • Published in 1,000 Rings,” and 500 Silver Jewelry Designs,” Lark Books