Esthetic Lens: An Experiment

About 10 years ago I designed and built a website devoted to arts and culture. The idea was simple: hand over the publishing keys to some interesting creative thinkers, and see what happens.

There were only a few editorial guidelines: spell check, try to avoid personal attacks, and be interesting. Write about the things that you love, and share your own work along the way.

The point is to generate conversation around creative excellence in all its forms, even if that means taking a critical lens to work that’s out there

Working with a partner, we invited some of our friends to contribute. They were artists, actors, musicians, poets, writers, and all-around interesting people.

Have a point of view, and be willing to change it

The site took off, and we were soon enjoying strong traffic. We never meant to make any money on the project. Rather, we wanted our friends – who all deserved larger audiences – to benefit from a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Before long I walked away from that project, as other aspects of life became too demanding. Over the years some of the people associated with that site have asked “will you ever do it again?” I’m glad to say that the answer is finally yes.

Over the next few weeks you’ll see this site grow in content and capability. I’m really excited to see what this group will bring – they’re all wonderfully interesting thinkers.

~ Dave