About Us

Esthetic Lens Magazine is devoted to providing space for creative people working in all media and format – art, music, poetry, literature, criticism, dance, food…

It’s not our intention to provide a heavy curatorial point of view. Once we’ve selected someone for inclusion we (mostly) give them free reign to make their post uniquely theirs.

This is a side project, so we’re limited in the scope of publication. You can expect to find one post a day, Monday – Friday, and sometimes on weekends. From time to time we’ll post more than one piece a day. Sometimes we’ll repeat pieces that were popular, or just because we think you’ll like them.

This project is the brainchild of Dave Roth, but the credit goes to the amazing folk who share their work here.

We’re always looking for more content. We respect your copyright, and display it beneath your work. There’s no fee to be featured on Esthetic Lens. Why not send us a note?

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